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Between a Rox and a Hard Place is a blog about things that are happening at On the Rox Counseling. It also is about topics related to On the Rox Counseling. It may also be just about Rox just loosing her mind running On the Rox Counseling. State tune, no matter what, it should be interesting.
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Mental Health and Addictions: The kind of Good, The Bad, & The What the Hell

Posted on 16 August, 2019 at 19:15 Comments comments (25785)
Hello. My name is Roxann Camparone. Most people call me Rox. I run a private practice in Winfield IL. This is my first ever blog. I decided to write this blog today because I wanted to talk about things on the front lines of treatment. In addition to being a licensed mental health professional (LCSW), I am also an addictions professional (CADC), a distinction that I have had longer and have probably more accolades in than general mental health, despite being a specialist in both areas for ... Read Full Post »