On the Rox Counseling PC

Tony Fasano, Member of On the Rox Counseling Team

Tony Fasano started as an MSW Intern for the 2018-2019 school year. We liked his work, so he was hired promptly upon completing his internship. So, please welcome Tony as a member of the On the Rox Counseling Team. He has been a great addition to the On the Rox Counseling family. We have felt very lucky to have him with us. He has been extremely personable, funny and client-centered. Those of you that have not taken advantage of his presence, have missed out. Now is your chance to get to know him.  Unfortunately, we only have him intermittently, due to his commitment to Family Services in Aurora as the Supervisor of their Elder Program.  A program he designed and runs himself.  Sounds like he takes after someone we know. LOL. 

Tony's social work experience began being both a being an intern and then employed at Elder Care Services in DeKalb County. Elder Care offered him a job after he completed internship. Statistically, most interns don't get hired after thier internships, and he is 2 for 2, so that should tell you something about the quality of his work. He possesses certificate from the Illinois Department on Aging as a Care Coordinator. At Elder Care, he competed screening/evaluations for services and conducted counseling session with elderly clients in the community and in hospital settings. 

During his time at One the Rox Counseling, he developed skills with addictions, bereavement, trauma adults, adolescents clients, couples therapy, case management, and some family work. He sat in on a Social Security Hearing with a client. He was even part of the process which lead to that client obtain her social security. He was involved in professional community groups and attended trainings that interested him in areas that his classes didn't cover. Tony completed his MSW in August 2019, and will be taking his LCSW exam by the end of 2020. He will be working under Roxann Camparone' s supervision on all cases. Currently, he holds a bachelors degree in Communications from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Tony had previously been successfully employed in the Insurance field. Tony will be taking clients for Couples Counseling/Therapy, Adjustment, Depression and Anxiety Issues and the occasional Bereavement/Grief Client. His services will be on a Cash, Check, or Charge basis and sliding scale from $100 to $35 for the hour. To schedule an appointment with Tony, please call, On the Rox Counseling at 630-503-7912.